The Frankfurt Football Club was initiated by Malte Schudlich and officially registered in November 1995. Alongside the Munich Kangaroos (established at around the same time), the Frankfurt Football Club is the first Australian Football Club in Germany and both clubs are founding members of the Australian Football League Germany (AFL Germany) in 1999.

For over 20 years, the club only fielded a male football team called the Frankfurt Redbacks with red and black as team colours. Since November 2018, the club is also home to one of the very first female football teams in Germany – the Frankfurt Redcats.

Biggest league achievements by the Redbacks, so far, have been the German premiership in 2004, followed by some second and third places in the years as well as the win of the AFLG Cup in 2018. The Frankfurt Redcats celebrated their league debut in 2019 and only just missed the inaugural Grand Final.

Players of both Redbacks and Redcats are regularly invited to play for the German national team and participate in international matches and tournaments, such as the annual Euro Cup, the European Championships and the International Cup, which is the amateur world championships hosted by the AFL.